Are you curious about the process of generating NSFAS vouchers through the online system? In this piece, we will discuss the idea of NSFAS vouchers and walk you through the steps involved in making vouchers and using them. Whether you are a student looking for financial help or are simply interested in learning more about this system, we will supply you with insightful information.

Vouchers issued by the NSFAS function as a controlled kind of payment, comparable to coupons or gift cards, and are intended to make transactions easier while simultaneously keeping track of expenditures. These vouchers are distributed in a particular manner by the national student financial aid scheme (NSFAS), which is an organization that assists students with their monetary requirements.

Creating NSFAS Vouchers Online:

To create an NSFAS voucher online, you will need a smart device and internet access. Follow these simple steps:

• Visit the URL
• Log in using your mobile phone number and password.
• Click on the “Pay” button.
• Enter your desired amount, e.g., R500.
• Press “Done.”

This straightforward process can be completed in less than five minutes. Once created, beneficiaries of NSFAS in TVET colleges can use these vouchers to access their allowances.

Using NSFAS Vouchers:
For students new to TVET colleges, understanding how to use NSFAS vouchers is essential. These vouchers serve two primary purposes: cash withdrawals and payment for goods. They act as a limited form of payment, usable only at select organizations or locations.

To withdraw cash, present the voucher code at a recognized retail store. The cashier will verify the code and provide you with the corresponding amount in physical cash. Alternatively, you can use the voucher code to pay for items at a merchant store. Simply submit the code to the cashier, who will process the payment, allowing you to collect your goods. This streamlined process facilitates quick transactions while aiding NSFAS in monitoring spending.

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Creating NSFAS Vouchers with an NSFAS Wallet:

An innovative approach by NSFAS allows students to create NSFAS vouchers using their NSFAS wallets. These interconnected systems, linked to celbux accounts, streamline the distribution of funds among TVET college students. By accessing their celbux accounts online, students can create NSFAS vouchers, facilitating both withdrawals and purchases.

Reserving NSFAS Vouchers:

Students may create an NSFAS coupon at any time, but they may choose to use it at a later date if they so choose. When this happens, making a reservation for the coupon is essential. After the voucher code has been created, all that is required to reserve an NSFAS voucher is to take a picture of it or a screenshot of it. By using this method, you can be certain that all of the relevant information, such as the amount and the account details, will be saved for later use. You will need to present the voucher code in the appropriate manner in order to make a cash withdrawal or make a payment.

Validity of NSFAS Cash Vouchers:

NSFAS cash vouchers do not have an expiration date. You can use them at any time without worrying about their validity. If you create a voucher online but do not utilize it for several months, the voucher amount will be returned to your NSFAS wallet. This process does not render the voucher expired or lost.

Setting up an Ewallet for NSFAS:
• Setting up an Ewallet for NSFAS can be simplified with the following steps:
• Visit after creating your NSFAS wallet.
• Sign your loan agreement form or the schedule of particulars, which introduces you to the terms and conditions.
• You will receive an SMS or email initiating your NSFAS wallet.
• Dial 134176# to verify your account.
• Enter your identification number to set up the Ewallet for NSFAS.
• Upon completion, you will receive a notification containing your password.
• Your Ewallet is now set up, allowing you to log in and conduct transactions at your convenience.


Students who rely on financial aid should make it a priority to acquire an understanding of how to generate and utilize NSFAS vouchers online. Students are able to conveniently manage their finances, make any necessary payments, and keep track of their expenditures thanks to the convenience of digital platforms. You will be able to handle the process with simplicity and take advantage of the benefits that NSFAS vouchers offer if you follow the steps that are detailed in this tutorial.

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