Because we are human, our lives are subject to an infinite number of variables, any one of which has the potential to influence the choices we make. Alterations in one’s life may occur as a result of the choice to attend different educational institutions, but what kinds of changes may result? When there is a goal in place for something to be different, humans look for ways to make it better. If you are now in this position, whether as a student or as a potential applicant and if you are also wondering whether or not the NSFAS will hold onto your cash, then you are going to discover the necessary information.

“Can NSFAS fund me if I change institutions?” is a question that students who are considering transferring to a different school frequently inquire about. In response to this question, the influence of shifting institutions on NSFAS judgments is minimal. In addition, this information has been sent to all public educational institutions. Only public universities and colleges can get funding from the NSFAS. You should be aware that the NSFAS will not provide funding for you if you decide to go from a public university to a private university in the middle of your degree program.

On the other hand, if you are switching from one public institution to another public institution, then the status of your funds held by NSFAS will remain unchanged. You will still receive funding from NSFAS. The conditions or criteria of NSFAS must and will always apply in every situation, but here’s the catch: they won’t. In addition, if you attend a school whose standards do not coincide with those of NSFAS, your financial assistance may be terminated. When you transfer to a new educational institution, your application is subjected to the standard review procedure.


To provide you with an answer that is as specific as possible, the NSFAS will continue to finance you even if you switch institutions. However, it is important to keep in mind that the terms and conditions of the institution still apply.

Does NSFAS allow you to change institutions after funding you?

There is a constant turnover of personnel in various establishments, and the reasons for this can be manifold. The change may be brought about by a positive reason; however, the objective here is to bring about a positive influence.

The National Students Funding Aid Scheme is an organization that does not influence the decisions that applicants or students make on their applications. The provision of financial assistance to candidates who demonstrate financial need and who meet the requirements to enroll in a postsecondary institution is their only objective.

The NSFAS is not the entity that makes decisions about the modification of institutions. Their mission is to provide financial assistance to students and applicants who meet their requirements. You are free to shift institutions via NSFAS, as the program has no bearing on whether or not an individual changes institutions.

Will NSFAS still fund me if I move from college to university?

If I switch from college to university, will the NSFAS continue to pay for my education?
The progression from college to university represents not a change in one’s personal information but rather an advancement up the certification ladder.

The National Student Aid Scheme supports students financially so that they can further their education or careers. Even though they have laid out their objectives and missions, one of their expectations is that students will make progress in a manner that is beneficial to their educational careers.

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It is important to keep in mind that transferring from a community college to a university does not ensure future success but could be done for a variety of reasons, including upgrading one’s education or gaining new knowledge. It might be interesting to try out a different academic program or course.

If you decide to attend a university instead of a college, your decision will not have any bearing on the amount of money you have available. Once you transfer from the community college to the university, the NSFAS will continue to finance you as long as all of the details comply with the rules of the NSFAS.

What happens to NSFAS when you change courses?

This has come up in a few different questions that we’ve received about what happens to NSFAS when you switch majors. The Department of Higher Education stated in the year 2020 to elucidate some doubts that had been raised regarding the NSFAS application.

They stated that candidates who have had their application approved and are making a change in their course should be aware that NSFAS funds will not have any effect on them even though they are making the change in their degree. Altering your path may involve choosing to investigate various options and settling on one that is better suited to your professional goals.

If you decide to go in a different direction with your education, the NSFAS won’t reject your application since they care about your success.

However, keep in mind that as an application, you still need to fulfill the conditions that are stipulated by the National Students funding aid plan.

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