If you have decided to attend a postsecondary institution and are still in the process of preparing your application for NSFAS, then I suppose that reading this page will provide you with some information regarding the programs that are funded by NSFAS. There are many different classes that one could choose to teach, regardless of whether they are teaching at a university or a TVET institution. In addition, as a component of the assigned homework, you are required to conduct research to determine whether or not NSFAS funds these classes. You are required to be aware that the NSFAS does not financially back every course that is offered across the country. Whether you are a first-year student or a student who is continuing your education, you are required to complete this portion of the NSFAS.

In this piece, we will take a look at the list of NSFAS-funded courses, as well as discuss what you ought to be aware of concerning these courses in 2022.

List of courses funded by NSFAS 2022

The national student financial aid scheme as part of its objectives takes into account the course an applicant may be offered whether in the university or the TVET colleges. NSFAS does not fund courses offered in private colleges or private higher education. There are quite a number of courses that are funded by NSFAS in 2022 and the following are the courses:

● Drawing Office Practice
● Early Childhood Development
● Earth and Space Sciences
● Electrical Infrastructure Construction
● Engineering and Related Design
● Environmental Relations
● Environmental Sciences
● Fabrication and Extraction
● Film Television and Video
● Finance, Economics, and Accounting
● Forestry and Wood Technology
● Language
● Life Sciences
● Literature
● Manufacturing and Assembly
● Marketing
● Mathematical Sciences
● Mechatronics
● Media Studies
● Music
● Nature Conservation
● Occupationally Directed ETD Practice
● Office Administration
● People/Human-Centred Development
● Performing Arts
● Personal Care
● Physical Planning, Design, and Management
● Physical Sciences
● Preventive Health
● Process Instrumentation
● Primary Agriculture
● Process Plant Operations
● Procurement
● Project Management
● Promotive Health and Developmental Services
● Psychology
● Public Administration
● Public Policy, Politics, and Democratic Citizenship
● Public Relations
● Rehabilitative Health/Services
● Religious and Ethical Foundations of Society
● Rural and Agrarian Studies
● Safety in Society
● Schooling
● Secondary Agriculture
● Sovereignty of the State
● Sport
● Traditions, History, and Legacies
● Transport, Operations, and Logistics
● Undefined
● Urban and Regional Studies
● Visual Arts
● Wholesale and Retail
● General Social Science
● Generic
● Generic Management
● Higher Education and Training
● Horticulture
● Hospitality, Tourism, Travel, Gaming and Leisure
● Human Resources
● Industrial & Organizational Governance and HR Development
● Information Studies
● Information Technology and Computer Sciences
● Justice in Society
● Adult Learning
● Building Construction
● Building Construction
● Cleaning, Domestic, Hiring, Property and Rescue Services
● Communication Studies
● Consumer Services
● Cultural Studies
● Curative Health
● Design Studies


Which courses are not funded by NSFAS in 2022?

There is always a link between NSFAS funds and the courses that universities or TVET colleges offer. Knowing the link can help you figure out what to do next, especially if you are trying to get money from NSFAS to pay for school.

In 2022, NSFAS will pay for more than 70 courses at TVET schools and universities. But because of their policies, there are some that they do not pay at all. NSFAS looks at students who have signed up to take first-year classes at a university or a TVET college.
It can be upsetting to find out which courses NSFAS doesn’t pay for, and it’s not just about the courses, but also about the level of education, such as a degree, diploma, or short course.

The NSFAS doesn’t pay for short studies at universities, TVET colleges, or private universities. Once it has been labeled as a short course, it is no longer eligible for NSFAS funds. Short lessons can be taken in a short amount of time and may have been summed up for people who want to improve their studies.

Other courses that NSFAS doesn’t offer are Postgraduate qualifications, part-time courses, courses at a private university or higher education institution, and a second bachelor’s degree course.
The goals and purpose of NSFAS are not met by these kinds of courses.

Does NSFAS fund Teaching courses?

People who want to take courses in teaching may want to know if NSFAS pays for these kinds of classes. The good news is that NSFAS only pays for classes that are taught in public schools and that lead to an undergraduate degree. If you want to continue your education after getting your first degree, but not at a higher level, you should know that NSFAS won’t pay for it. The main goal of NSFAS is to give money to qualified applicants who want to study teaching at a TVET college or state university after getting their first degree.

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Does NSFAS Fund Diploma Courses

Courses leading to a diploma can take anywhere from two to three years to complete. It is a degree that can be earned at both universities and institutions that offer TVET programs. You need to be aware that you are qualified to obtain financial assistance from the NSFAS if you are thinking about enrolling in a diploma program while simultaneously being concerned about the NSFAS application and its funding. Students who are interested in pursuing diploma programs at either a university or a TVET college are eligible to get financial assistance from the national student funding aid program.

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