The planned way of giving out NSFAS allowances can be messed up because of the number of people involved and other third parties. Many university and TVET college students get help from the national student financial aid plan. When you look at how many people apply for each school year, you can tell that a lot of money will be spent. While NSFAS is getting ready to help people with money, it also needs to get ready to build systems that will make operational tasks very easy and quick. These new ideas, like the creation of sbux and Celbux, make giving out allowances very easy.


In general, the sbux by NSFAS is a way to get benefits to people. These funds cover things like housing, travel, personal expenses, and a lot more. The idea behind the sbux is to give NSFAS a way to distribute allowances to applicants who have been accepted. After the NSFAS was started in 1996, the group started making ways and systems to give money to all students who qualify for the NSFAS in a flexible and efficient way.

How does Celbux NSFAS work?

Celbux NSFAS is another platform that helps NSFAS pay money to students and also runs the NSFAS wallet. The goal of Celbux is to make it easy, quick, and convenient to do banking transactions. As you know, TVET college students can use the NSFAS wallet, which is controlled by Celbux, to access their money. The Celbux method is completely free, and there is nothing hard about using it.

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Students can use the celbux like a bank account. And you know that when you have a bank account, you can send or receive money to make deals. The celbux works the same way, but there are some limits. Simply put, when the celbux is linked to the NSFAS wallet, students can make coupons to pay for things and also get money back. With this celbux, students can connect with trusted sellers to pay for things and buy things. After some time, the sbux NSFAS became known as the NSFAS wallet.

How do I use NSFAS sBux?

Using NSFAS sbux is now easy, and all you need is your cell phone. All you have to do is call the USSD code and you’re done. Students don’t have to pay anything to use NSFAS sbux and can do all transfers for free. To use the NSFAS box, dial *134*176# on your cell phone (make sure the number is linked to your NSFAS account). When prompted, enter your ID number and wait a few minutes. A message with your password will be sent to you.

With these easy steps, you can put money into your wallet and start transfers.

How can I find out what my NSFAS sBux amount is?

There are many ways for someone to find out what their NSFAS sbux amount is. The sbux system is made to link your information to your NSFAS account, which makes it easy to do deals with your phone.

Follow the steps below to find out how much money you have left in your NSFAS sbux account;
• Dial *134*176# and wait for the prompt.
• Enter your password in the space given and press send. Click on the “query” option.
• Choose the “check balance” option. This short process will let you see your balance at any time. All you need is a cell phone and a network that works.
• If someone wants to see more, they can go to www.celbux.appspot.com.
• Type in your phone number and login information.
• When the page comes up, choose the choice that says “Check your balance.”
• This will show you all of your transactions and your present balance.


Does NSFAS still use Celbux?

As a company grows, new ideas come up that are meant to solve problems that are already happening. So many problems came up with the NSFAS celbux. As part of fixing problems and making new platforms, the NSFAS turned it into an NSFAS wallet and made USSD codes to make transfers easier. Celbux is no longer used by the NSFAS. The NSFAS told everyone about the changes in August 2021.

How do I activate Celbux?

When a person is activated on the celbux platforms, they can receive money and also make deals. If your celbux isn’t turned on, NSFAS won’t be able to send you money.

Follow these easy steps to turn on celbux;
• *120*176# is the code to confirm your account.
• This first option lets you create a password, which is then sent to your mobile phone.
• This confirms and starts your account, and you can then log in to make new transactions.

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