Gender: Mixed
Housing status: Day and Boarding 
Year of Establishment:
Name of Head:
 Cletus Atuk

The Fumbisi Senior High/Agric School has set its sights on being one of the leading schools in Ghana and a sought-after institution by pupils who are interested in receiving a high-quality secondary education there.


As a school with an agricultural focus, one of our goals is to educate students about the significance of agricultural enterprises as a source of income and encourage them to pursue farming as a career. We do this by teaching students agricultural skills with a strong emphasis on the practical application of those abilities.


In 1991, under the capable direction of Mr. Akatuuk, the first Headmaster of Fumbisi Senior High/Agric School, the school opened its doors to its first students. Prior to the establishment of the school, the children living in the area served by the school had to leave in order to continue their secondary education at another institution. This was a significant challenge for both instructors and parents in equal measure. The Senior High School and Agricultural College of Fumbisi can be found in the Builsa District of the Upper East Region. Additionally, Fumbisi can be found just a few miles away from the Mamprusi West District, popularly known affectionately as “Over Seas.” The majority of the inhabitants in that region attend the school, making it their primary option for secondary education. The school had a humble beginning, with only a few students enrolled and only three workshops being converted into classrooms. Because the requisite infrastructure was absent, staffing was also an issue that needed to be addressed. Since that time, the institution has experienced significant growth and can now brag about having made several enhancements to the campus’s infrastructure. In the year 2000, Mr. Roger Abapol took over as principal of the school, and he has only recently left his post to pursue retirement. The current Headmaster of the school is Mr. Simon Conrad Seidu, and it has been consistently expanding over the past few years.

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Since it first opened its doors, the school has faced a number of obstacles in terms of staffing, all of which have had an impact on the academic success of the institution. Because of the progressive resolution of that issue, performance has gradually increased over the course of these many years. The school has maintained a high level of success in both the SSSCE and the WASSCE, with the school achieving one of the highest aggregates in science and obtaining a perfect 100 in both 2007 and 2008. The academic standing of the institution keeps rising on an annual basis, and it is the mission of the institution to evolve into the institution of choice for students who are intent on acquiring a well-rounded education.

In addition, students from this school took part in a couple of the inter-zonal sporting competitions, where they consistently performed better each time. At this point in time, the girls’ 4X400 relay team from the school has the title of zonal champion for that event. We will be participating in the future games, and I am confident that the pupils of our school will bring honour and glory to the institution by performing so well.



  • One classroom block with three classrooms, an office, computer room and a temporary office for the Headmaster.
  • One-storey classroom block with twelve classrooms, all of which are properly furnished.
  • A furnished science block for Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Agric science.
  • The school presently has a temporary library


  • A football field and tracks.
  • Volleyball court
  • A basketball court is on the drawing board
  • The school has acquired some traditional musical instruments which the students use to learn the indigenous culture of the people in Builsa via drumming and dancing.
  • The entertainment department also puts on modern dance (jamz) for the students.

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